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Cyber Enterprise Network Project

With Twenty Five Years in the US Security Industry, CYBER LIONS SECURITY, INC. has unparalled expertise in designing, installing and implementing all Security Ten Domains. From simple home and office audio, video and network security systems, to large multi-complex government projects such as urban traffic management, video and audio on demand surveillance systems, cloud computing, business Intelligence, cyber warfare and counter terrorism.

Through strategic planning and a cohesive team-building approach towards tackling obstacles, our clients have managed to get the results they sought after from our personalized Technical consulting services. "Take a look at some projects that Cyber Lions Security have been involved in the past, and see what I can do for you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch" CEO Ozoeneh, Sr. Security Engineer/Consultant.

June 2006


Our partnership with local businesses on the job training on Network Security, Wireless Security, Could Security, Content Security, Application Security and Physical Security, has yielded unbelievable results.

October 2004

Massive Expansion

Cyber Lions Security Cloud Intelligent Network is a foundation to help enable cloud services and accelerate public, private, and hybrid cloud adoption. The intelligent network is the platform that integrates clouds, data centers, and end points. This helps to ensure a reliable, highly secure cloud experience and a highly scalable, efficient infrastructure. Cloud Computing is no longer a new or unproven concept, "the cloud" and the services it enables have become an established technology and operational strategy for bringing a new level of efficiency to government, private sectors and educational institutions.

Opportunities for using cloud computing abound came with significant incentives, from operational cost savings and lower cost of ownership to improved agility and mission-critical reliability, security, and availability. Make strategic investments that save money and improve performance Unify and optimize data center resources to help meet application demands.

March 2001

Internal Reorganization

With this project, we helped this client identify their mission specify their goals. Designed, structured wired, installed, integrated and implemented highly sophisticated centralized tele-conferencing digital command center. Expert advice and strategic planning was incumbent to the success of this project. "It was a hit; both the client and Cyber Lions Security were extremely satisfied with the end result and went on to collaborate on more projects together" Ozoeneh.


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