Achieve business goals for continuity and compliance with unified data management, security and protection. Leverage a multi-region, multi-availability zone architecture with unlimited, no-cost data replication in Cloud data centers across the globe. Bring your own backup and disaster-recovery tools to the cloud  and integrate with reputable Cloud infrastructure services and VMware solutions.

Cyber Lions Security preventive measures aim at preventing an event from occurring. We put corrective in place to correct any of your systems in case of a negative event or disaster. Our Detective measures focus on detecting and discovering negative events.


Disaster recovery measures are classified mainly into three types:

  • Preventive measures

  • Corrective measures

  • Detective measures


Our disaster recovery plan is up to date and is focused on achieving business continuity even in case of disasters and negative events. The security management team of our organization has regular checks and will conduct Table Top Exercise in order to assure good disaster recovery measures are followed by individual department and the organization as a whole.

In Cyber Lions Security, before we design today's Disaster Recovery Plan, we conduct and complete risk assessment and business impact analysis.These steps help in identifying the information technology processes that can support the critical business activities of the organization. Again, these steps would also help in bringing the recovery point objectives and recovery time objectives to industr