• Dedicated security advisor

  • 24x7 SOC monitoring by expert analysts

  • Real-time incident validation

  • Threat intelligence infrastructure

  • Proactive threat hunting

  • Full access to InsightIDR, our cloud SIEM

  • Behavioral analytics and network traffic detections

  • Incident management and response support

  • Simplify regulatory compliance

  • Unlimited event source and data ingestion

  • Our Cloud computing services also offer the advantage of being scalable, which means not only can you access additional resources exactly as you need them, but you are also charged only for the services you use so there's no need to buy in extra hardware for additional redundancy.

  • This especially applies to when storing data, as online cloud storage can be treated as effectively limitless. Even though you might be using cloud databases for your structured data, you can also archive everything else into massive data lakes for additional processing using AI and machine learning for greater insights.

  • Altogether, cloud services offer unparalleled potential for improving business performance and increasing profits, and here we'll look at the leading cloud computing service you need, along with some additional recommendations to consider.

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