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This Article is on the readiness by 3rd world countries to fight Cyber War.

Is Nigeria Prepared to Fight The Cyber War?

As Nigerian democracy is holding ground, the essence for her to grow economically has been evident, considering the infrastructure development in both the governmental, public and private sectors. For these developments to sustain, and Nigeria to compete in the world market and participate effectively on the lanes of Super Highway, she must totally embrace the evolving 21st Century Economic Standard based on information technology.

Although the advancement in information technology is incumbent to real economic development, which is fundamental in building strong, vibrant and strong nation, one has to visualize the inevitable dangers and security issues to participants in Cyber world. Most Nigerians will be wondering what they have to do with cyber crime, but, I want to use this opportunity to inform anyone who uses the Internet, mobile phones or any other communication device over the air wave, that he or she is exposed to Cyber Crime.

Cyber security is one of the most serious economic and national security challenges we face as a nation, but one that we as a government or as a country are not adequately prepared to counter. Based on the current cyber crimes, such as, identity theft, DOS (denial-of-service) cyber-attacks and other cyber crimes all over the Internet and key infrastructures, it is evident that the potential economic and strategic consequences of cyber-attacks are very great. Especially worrisome are the cyber-attacks that would hijack systems with false information in order to discredit the systems or do lasting physical damage. At a corporate level, attacks of this kind have the potential to create liabilities and losses large enough to bankrupt most companies. At a national level, attacks of this kind, directed at critical government infrastructures, airports, military command intelligence, railways and key infrastructures, have the potential to cause hundreds of billions of naira, and can cause thousands of deaths.

Example of the eminent consequences of cyber attacks known as WannaCry, (Ransomeware) was just witnessed by major companies in both Europe, UK, France and the U.S. The impact set havoc through its part by hijacking computer operations of victims such as, hospitals in the UK, FedEX in the U.S, Petrol stations in China and Renault factory in France. The attackers were demanding payment of ransome from their victims before they could release their enterprise computer network operations to normalcy. Although Microsoft has previously patched that vulnerability in their windows operation systems, but the hackers where able to find a backdoor to get into the system and hijacked their operations. This is a testimony of the current threats that computer operations face every second in today’s inter of things. 

If you are interested, check out some of the attack scenarios that would produce the most devastating consequences now being outlined on hackers web sites and at hacker's conventions. The overall patterns of cyber intrusion campaigns suggest that a number of potentially hostile groups and nation states are actively acquiring the capability to carry out such attacks. 
Notwithstanding the huge amount of financial and human investment nations are making to wage the cyber war, there are still many ways in which criminal organizations could reap huge profits from highly destructive attacks. What this means is that Nigerian government, corporations and Nigerian citizens need to be informed urgently, not just of their technical vulnerabilities, but of the economic and strategic consequences if those vulnerabilities are exploited. It is only by basing our cyber-defenses on a comprehensive assessment of cyber-attack consequences that we, as a nation, can make sure those defenses are sensible and adequate. Lesson learned from an attack is incumbent to mitigating the next attacks.

By Engr. Chijioke E. Ozoeneh, M.Sc.MSISE, DIA-cndt.
Chief Cyber Security Engineer/Consultant, 
Founder & CEO, Cyber Lions Security, INC. USA & Nigeria


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According to Cisco, Cybersecurity is the practice of protecting systems, networks, and programs from digital attacks. These attacks are usually aimed...

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